1Winters Day


It is December 24th and we are well into a Canadian winter.  I wake up on my one day off this week I do not want to get out of bed, I am only barely warm under 3 layers of blankets that I have even pulled over my head. 1Husband has turned off the heat 2 days ago and there has been no fire, either.  Two inches away from my body the bed feels like ice.

I reach an arm out into the chilly bedroom air grab my phone from the nightstand, retreat back under the covers to have a virtual chat with 1lover.  This warms me, 1lover always warms me.  I can face the day,  well, for a while anyways.  But, it will be a good night tonight, I will be by myself. 1husband leaves today.  He has to return to work and he lives away from home when he does. I can build as big a fire as I want, I can be as warm as I want.


It is good to be alone on Christmas Eve.


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