Remedia Amoris…& how to break up


Remedia Amoris


Remedia Amoris (Love’s Remedy or The Cure for Love) is a 814 line poem in Latin by the Roman poet Ovid.

In this poem, Ovid offers advice and strategies to avoid being hurt by love feelings, or to fall out of love, with a stoic overtone. Such strategies include:

  • To leave your partner:
    Trying to quit loving before the feeling becomes too important
    Trying to be as busy as you can, e.g. with work
    Traveling and trying to avoid familiar places that remind you of your relationship
    Having many affairs, or at least another affair to forget the previous one
    Trying to have sex in an unpleasant way
    Focusing on the unpleasant body parts/physical flaws of the partner
    Trying to focus on all unfortunate things that happen because of the relationship, such as material issues
    Avoiding staying by yourself
    Avoiding places where you can see couples


  • After leaving your partner:
    Avoiding all contact with her and with her family and relatives
    When explaining why you broke up, avoiding giving details
    Trying to be as silent as you can on your relationship when it’s over
    If you know you are going to see your ex-partner again, avoid trying to look nice for the occasion
    Forgetting about any chances in the future for the relationship to start again
    Burning letters/portraits of your partner
    Avoiding theatre plays or poetries idealizing the concept of love
    Convincing yourself that you don’t have any rival, to avoid jealousy.
  • According to Ovid, jealousy is one of the main reason why people stay in love.

Avoiding to stop in front of the door of your ex partner’s house, and picturing it as an awful place bringing only misfortune.
Avoiding certain kind of food
Avoiding drinking alcohol in moderation. Instead, do not drink at all or drink abusively

Remedia Amoris -taken from Wikipedia.


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